What Are The Problems With IPhone 8 Plus?

Is the iPhone 8 plus a good phone in 2020?

Best answer: If you want a larger iPhone at a lower price, the iPhone 8 Plus is a great option thanks to its 5.5-inch screen, massive battery, and dual cameras..

Is there a recall on the iPhone 8 plus?

Apple has issued a recall of what it says is a “very small percentage” of iPhone 8 devices due to defects in the phones’ logic boards that could cause the phones to unexpectedly restart, have frozen screens, or not turn on at all. Apple said it will repair the phones for free.

Why did my iPhone 8 plus stop working?

First solution: Force restart your iPhone 8 Plus. This can happen due to many different factors including rogue apps, data corruption and update bugs, to name some. Oftentimes, this can be remedied by a force restart. A force restart works similar as the usual reboot or soft reset but done through the hardware keys.

What is special about the iPhone 8 plus?

Apple says the A11 Bionic processor in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is the most powerful and smartest chip that’s ever been introduced in a smartphone. It features a six-core CPU with two high performance cores and four high efficiency cores.

iPhone 8 Colors OverviewSpace Grey – The space grey iPhone 8 color option is one of the most popular. … Silver – The silver iPhone 8 range is also a popular option. … Gold – Gold is always a popular choice when it comes to iPhones.More items…•

Is it worth buying iPhone 8 plus?

Although higher-end iPhones are now available, the iPhone 8 Plus remains a desirable large-screen device especially if you want to retain the Home button. … So if you’re not fussed about Face ID yet still want a big display, the Plus remains an excellent choice.

What causes iPhone 8 Black Screen of Death?

There are three possible reasons as to why this happens. First possibility is that your iPhone battery might have been completely drained and therefore needs a recharge. Second is a more complex system error affecting the iPhone’s power system, causing it to crash and get stuck on black screen.

Why did my iPhone 8 suddenly died?

When your iPhone suddenly went dead and refused to power on, it could mean two things. Perhaps something is causing the battery to drain completely and so your device needs to recharge or it could be worse like when the iPhone is damaged. In short, the problem can be attributed to a system error if not hardware damage.

What causes iPhone Black Screen of Death?

An iPhone screen may turn black or remains on a black screen if its firmware has crashed, which is a minor problem, or if it has a serious hardware issue that’s usually caused by liquid or physical damage. One way to know what the issue is, is to determine if your iPhone has some signs of physical or liquid damage.

Is the iPhone 8 outdated?

The iPhone 8 was introduced in 2017, and up until the middle of April, it was actively sold on Apple’s website. The 8 and 8 Plus were discontinued after Apple announced the iPhone SE.

What’s better iPhone 8 plus or XR?

For most people, the XR is the best choice with better battery life, a higher screen to body ratio and Face ID. The iPhone 8 Plus is only better if you want a home button still, don’t want a notch and prefer to have dual rear cameras.