Quick Answer: Why Is My First Three Bill So High?

Does 3 have a cooling off period?

Three Standard Cancellation A 30 day notice period will then apply, over which you’ll need to continue paying your normal monthly line rental.

If you’re cancelling your contract within the first 14 days, you may still be within Three’s cooling off period..

Can I pay someone else’s phone bill?

Just go to any carrier office, or other store that accepts payments. Give them the cell phone number and payment. You’ll get a receipt and it may well have the person’s name to boot! If it is a prepaid line you’ll be able to add any arbitrary amount to their balance.

Why is my three bill higher?

Your bill might increase in the middle of your plan for a couple of reasons: You’ve reached the end of a promotional period. Your bill is increasing due to RPI, a yearly price change.

How do I get a refund from 3?

Customers can request their money back online or by calling. Three: No automatic refunds are given. Similar to TalkTalk, Three say that if customers end up with a credit balance on their final bill, they should call so “we’ll check everything to see if we need to give you a refund”.

How much does it cost to cancel a 3 contract?

Three. If you’re on Three, you’ll have to pay an early termination fee equivalent to 97% of your remaining monthly payments. However, if you have previously upgraded or renewed a contract on Three, your fee is discounted to 90% of your remaining monthly payments.

How can I pay my three bill?

Log in to your My3 account with your Three phone number and password. Under Bills, click Pay your bill by card….Credit or debit cardOpen the Three app.Tap More.Tap Pay bill by card, follow the instructions and save.

Can I cancel my phone contract early?

You can cancel your contract early, free of charge if you’re within the cooling-off period or if your network provider raised their price. Cancelling your contract at any other time can be expensive. You’ll usually have to pay the cost of the outstanding term in full.

Why is my first bill so high?

It’s usually because it covers more days than a normal monthly bill. If you signed up to a Pay monthly deal, your first bill may be a bit higher than you expected. This is because it includes: A ‘part month line rental’ charge covering the time between the day you signed up and the day we sent your first bill.

How do I leave three?

Chat to us on the Live Chat option below 9am-6pm. Talk to us live on Three Store Now for general product questions 9am-6pm. You can also call 333 and select the ‘cancel my contract’ option, but waiting times may be high. If you’re a broadband customer and don’t have a Three mobile, call 0333 338 1003.

How do I use STAC Code 3?

You’ll need to go to your previous provider, or text ‘STAC’ to 75075. Check your provider’s guidance, as some may want you to share your date of birth (DDMMYY) too. A STAC only lasts 30 days, so after it expires, you’ll have to request another one.

What is pay for it on 3?

Payforit is a payment method that lets you buy digital content and services such as apps, videos and games. When you pay using Payforit, the cost of the content or service you buy is added straight to your Three monthly bill, or its deducted from your Pay As You Go balance.

How can I cancel my three contract without paying?

Cancelling your contract outright If that’s you, all you need to do is call Three (dial 333 from your Three phone) and let them know that you wish to end your contract. You’ll need to give 30 days’ notice, after which Three will cancel your number and stop billing you.

How can I see my three bill online?

If you’re on your phone or tablet, go to www.three.co.uk/my3 on your browser. You’ll need to be connected to our mobile network, not a Wi-Fi network. This is so we can verify you without you needing to log in or register. You can check your allowance straight away by going to Check your allowance.

Can I downgrade my phone contract three?

It’s simple. Open the Three app and follow these steps: Go to Plans then Get more allowance. Then select Change your plan.

How long does it take for Sky to refund?

An automatic refund will be issued to you 45 days after your account cancellation. This is 30 days to allow the next bill period run which you have advised was 1st April and then 14 days for the refund to be calculated and refunded.

Can I get a refund on pay as you go credit?

Refunds when leaving O2 PAYG are NOT given. You can port your number away but any credit remaining is lost. … They categorically state that O2 PAYG has never given refunds when leaving the network and there are no plans to in the future.

Whats a STAC code?

A ‘service termination authorisation code’ (or STAC code), allows you to cancel your mobile number with your previous supplier when you change networks. Things to know about your STAC code: – – A STAC code is issued free of charge. – Your STAC code is valid for 30 days only.

Does requesting a PAC code cancel your contract?

Ending your contract If you want to end your contract but keep your number, we’ll give you a PAC code to give to your new network. … If you use it to switch to a new network, your contract with us will be cancelled once the switching process has completed. You’ll get your final bill 14 days after you’re disconnected.