Quick Answer: Where Can I Get Plastic Fallout 4?

How do I get rid of trashcan Carla?

If you don’t want to wait for her to leave your settlement to kill her (which I didn’t want to wait to do).

Get a sniper rifle go out of the build zone of your settlement and blow that traitorous head of her shoulders.

Loot her and then drag her into the bushes..

What is gold used for in Fallout 4?

A rare and shiny metal once used as currency, now used mainly for its high electrical conductivity. Gold is used mainly for high-tech devices, including advanced energy weapon modifications.

Does trashcan Carla actually give you a discount?

So it’s either a different Trudy in another game or different character all together. I’m assuming you mean trashcan Carla, since you can say that exact dialogue to her. And yes, she does give you a discount.

How do you get trashcan Carla out of power armor?

How to get the trash out of the can, you mean? There’s at least one option: Bunker Hill. Random caravans will stop there from time to time – Trashcan Carla’s included. She’s an educated person and will leave her armor before talking to her clients.

How do I make clothes in Fallout 4?

The main steps to create a custom armour or outfit for Fallout 4 are:Import into Blender all parts of the body.Make the armour’s shape.Add a material.Add a UVmap.Reduce the amount of polygons of the mesh.Add weights to the armour.Cut parts of the body hidden by the armour.Export the armour.More items…•

Who sells fiberglass Fallout 4?

Sold by Deb in Bunker Hill in shipments of 25. Sold by Lucas Miller in shipments of 25.

Where can I get cloth in Fallout 4?

LocationsConnie Abernathy sells a shipment of cloth (25) at Abernathy farm.Lucas Miller sells a shipment of cloth (25).Supervisor Greene sells a shipment of cloth (25) at Graygarden.Becky Fallon sells a shipment of cloth (25) in Fallon’s Basement in Diamond City.More items…•

Where can I find a camera in Fallout 4?

Don’t have an account?…CameraCan be bought from some vendors.Can be obtained from the book return terminal in the D.B. … Five in Greenetech Genetics.Four in Fort Hagen.More items…

What items give you fiberglass in Fallout 4?

FiberglassItemScrapWTAbraxo Cleaner Industrial Gradex2 Fiberglass, x4 Acid, x2 Antiseptic1Aluminum Canisterx2 Fiberglass, 2 Aluminum, x1 Oil3Blood Sacx1 Fiberglass, x2 Antiseptic0.5Cigar Boxx1 Fiberglass, x2 Wood, x3 Cloth0.57 more rows•Nov 3, 2016

How do I scrap clothes in Fallout 4?

To scrap items that you normally cannot break down in the crafting table menus, you have to DROP them on the ground in a settlement then scrap them like anything else.

Who sells crystal Fallout 4?

LocationsTrashcan Carla sells a shipment of 25.Deb in Bunker Hill sells a shipment of 25.Daisy at Daisy’s Discounts in Goodneighbor sells a shipment of 25.The Institute contains many undamaged cameras and microscopes.Jamaica Plain has many laser tripwires to disarm.

Where is trashcan Carla?

She can be found in Bunker Hill with the power armor right by her side.

What gives you screws in Fallout 4?

Desk fans are generally the easiest way to acquire screws as they are found fairly commonly in urban areas. Early on in the game at Sanctuary Hills there are a good number of fans located inside the houses.

What is asbestos used for in Fallout 4?

Asbestos is a fire resistant material used as insulation and as a fire suppressant. Because of its ability to resist fire, it can be used to craft a variety of weapon and armor mods, including fire resistant armor. It is also a component for multiple items which can be crafted at the chemistry station.