Quick Answer: What Does An MPRN Number Look Like?

How do you find the meter number?

You will find the meter number on the face of your meter.

On an analog meter the meter number is found at the bottom of the meter.

In the example below, the meter number is 320H212121241.

On a digital meter the meter number is found below the consumption screen..

How do I find my gas metering point?

Your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) can be found on your gas bill. Usually, this is located on the first page of your bill or on the back of the front page and is 10 digits long. Find out more about understanding your gas bill.

What is a MPRN?

A Meter Point Reference Number (or MPRN) is a unique 11 digit number starting with 81 to identify your address that is used by suppliers to check the incoming supply details for individual premises. You need this number if you wish to change supplier or are getting a first time electricity connection to new premises.

Why do I have two electricity supply numbers?

If you get cheaper electricity at certain times, you might have a two rate (or ‘dual-rate’) meter. This means it will have 2 rows of numbers. The top row (labelled ‘low’ or ‘night’) shows how many units of cheaper electricity you’ve used.

Is MPRN the same as meter number?

Your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) is the unique 11 digit number assigned to your electricity connection and meter. … Your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) is the unique 11 digit number assigned to your electricity connection and meter.

What is MPRN number Electric Ireland?

MPRN is your Meter Point Reference Number and is unique to your home. It identifies your connection to the national electricity network. MPRN is a unique 11 digit number and starts with digits 10.

How do I find my meter serial number?

Finding your meter serial number Your meter serial number is usually found on the front of the meter, next to a barcode. We also put it on your energy statement. It’ll be listed as the ‘meter number’.

How often do Electric Ireland bill?

every 61 daysYour bill is normally issued every 61 days, but sometimes this can change. Check the number of days on this bill compared with your last bill. You can receive e-mails when your bill is issued and can see your latest bill anytime by visiting Business Online.

How do I read an MPAN number?

Your MPAN is on your bill. If you’re looking on an SSE bill, it’s the 13 digit number in the box marked as ‘Supply Number’ on the second page, to the right hand side. It is the bottom row of numbers. If you don’t have a previous bill, you can find out your MPAN by calling your local electricity supplier.

How do I find MPAN and MPRN number?

Where can I find my MPRN number? Just like the MPAN number, your MPRN number will be displayed on your latest gas bill. It’s between six and 10 digits long and will be in a slightly different position depending on your supplier, but always labelled ‘Meter Point Reference’.

Where do I find my British Gas MPRN number?

The Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) is used to identify individual gas supply points. It’s normally is made up of numbers and doesn’t contain any letters. You’ll find your MPRN on your business gas bill under the ‘Details of charges’ heading.

How do I contact Electric Ireland?

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