Quick Answer: Is BTS Breaking Up In 2020?

Is Jin dead or alive?

It was the sigh of relief heard ’round the “Lost” universe: Jin is alive.

He’s alive.

The producers assured fans last season that Jin would be seen again — in life or death..

What is BTS doing in quarantine?

BTS too is on quarantine mode and is doing everything in their power to stay connected with ARMY and sharing honestly about how much they miss their fans and being able to interact with them at music shows and concerts.

What year will jin go to the military?

2020Jin — whose real name is Kim Seokjin — is the oldest in BTS at 26, so will likely enlist in 2020.

What happened BTS Jungkook?

Jeon Jung-kook, better known as Jungkook of K-pop boy band BTS, was involved in a car accident Saturday. … According to police, the accident happened on Saturday in Hannam-dong, central Seoul. Police said Jeon violated the traffic law and his car crashed into a taxi. He was reportedly not drunk at the time.

Who died in BTS?

“It was a shock to everyone, and I really sympathized with him,” Suga added. Jonghyun died Dec. 18 after being discovered unconscious at his apartment in Seoul. The K-pop star, who was 27 at the time of his death, detailed his struggle with depression in a note given to a friend before his suicide.

What will happen to BTS in 2020?

In 2020, the singer-songwriter will turn 28, effectively ensuring that he will be leaving the group for almost two years to serve his country. And it’s not just Jin — every member of BTS will turn 28 by 2025, placing the future of the group up in the air. For their part, the guys aren’t shying away from their duty.

Is BTS on a break right now?

BTS is officially back from their extended break. The boy band spent some time away from the spotlight to rest and recharge. … According to Soompi, a source from Big Hit announced BTS’s break, saying “BTS has ended their period of rest and will be flying out today for a scheduled activity.”

Is BTS disbanding in 2026?

According to their recent contract renewal, BTS will remain under their label Big Hit Entertainment through 2026. … That means that even if all the members enlisted in 2020, they would be back on the stage and performing under Big Hit for at least three more years.

Is BTS v left handed?

V of BTS is, technically, left-handed, although some fans say he is ambidextrous. … However, some fans reportedly saw V writing and throwing things with his right hand, making this member ambidextrous.

What happened BTS Jin?

And since Jin, the eldest member of BTS, is now 27 years old, he will most likely have to enlist within the next year. … It has not been confirmed if Jin has actually enlisted, but he’s apparently already delayed his service, according to Seventeen, and he won’t be able to delay it any further past June 2020.

How long will BTS be together?

BTS signed a seven year contract renewal with BigHit in 2018 It was basically an enormous sigh of relief and cause for celebration for fans around the world knowing they’d have the boys in life for years. This means the band will be together until at least 2025- after that, their future is unknown.

Can BTS go to military together?

It is known that BTS members are respectful men and faithful Korean citizens. They will never agree to be exempted because they see military service as their honour and duty. In the case all the members will be enlisted together and return in two years, it will save their time and career.

Is Blackpink gonna disband?

But there is a good chance they might disband in 2023. Blackpink only has 1 comeback per year just after 9 months they debut. … The last scenario is after 2023, each Blackpink member can possibly make their own debut as soloist rather than a group. Therefore, Blackpink as a group will not exist anymore after 2023.”