Quick Answer: How Far Is White Stone VA From Richmond VA?

Is moving to Virginia a good idea?

Virginia is the perfect place to land when you’re ready to put your feet up.

Forbes named Blacksburg one of its top places to retire in the nation thanks to a cost of living 7% below the national average, low crime and good housing.

Forbes has ranked Virginia as #1 for best places for business..

How did oilville Va get its name?

Oilville got its unusual name because a Sassafras oil factory was located there in the 1900’s: In the Goochland County Historical Society Magazine Vol. 26 from 1994, Wendell Watkins reminisces about his childhood in an article titled The Oilville Mill.

How far is Richmond VA from the beach?

95 milesThe distance between Virginia Beach and Richmond is 95 miles. The road distance is 108.9 miles.

What does Goochland mean?

Goochland is a census-designated place (CDP) in and the county seat of Goochland County, Virginia, United States. … It derives its name from the fact that the community is the location of the county’s court house.

What is Richmond Va known for?

Top 10 Things To Do And See In Richmond, VirginiaVisit Maymont. A tour of Richmond is not complete without a visit to Maymont, an impressive area covering 100 acres of land. … Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. … Hollywood Cemetery tour. … The American Civil War Museum. … Afternoon Tea at The Jefferson. … Watch a movie at The Byrd. … Visit the State Capitol. … The Museum of Edgar Allen Poe.

How wealthy is Goochland?

The Forbes list found rural Goochland, with a population of 20,494, to have a median household income (with half making more and half making less) of $88,552. Loudoun, with a population of 277,433, has a median income of $110,643, and with just more than 1 million residents, Fairfax’s is $106,785.

How far is Goochland VA from Richmond VA?

32.53 milesDistance from Goochland, VA to Richmond, VA There are 32.53 miles from Goochland to Richmond in southeast direction and 38 miles (61.16 kilometers) by car, following the I-64 E route.

What county is white stone VA in?

Lancaster CountyWhite Stone/Counties

How far is Richmond VA from the Pentagon?

94.26 milesDistance from Richmond, VA to Pentagon, DC There are 94.26 miles from Richmond to Pentagon in northeast direction and 106 miles (170.59 kilometers) by car, following the I-95 N route.

Why is Goochland called Goochland?

Goochland was founded in 1728 as the first county formed from Henrico shire, followed by Chesterfield County in 1749. … The county was named for Sir William Gooch, 1st Baronet, the royal lieutenant governor from 1727 to 1749.

Is stoolbend a real place?

Stoolbend is a town in Virginia. The name “Stoolbend” is claimed by Mike Henry in the Pilot episode DVD commentary to have originated during a fishing trip when one of the party defecated in the river.

Is it expensive to live in Richmond VA?

The cost of living in Richmond is right in line with the U.S. average and 7% lower than the state average. And the housing costs are budget-friendly, too! With a median home price at $199,300 and a median monthly rent at $916, it’s easy for new Richmond residents to find homes that will fit their needs.

How many people live in Goochland?

23,753 (2019)Goochland County/Population

How far is maidens VA from Richmond VA?

25.96 milesDistance from Richmond, VA to Maidens, VA There are 25.96 miles from Richmond to Maidens in northwest direction and 28 miles (45.06 kilometers) by car, following the VA 6 route.

What is Goochland Va known for?

Goochland County, VA is located in central Virginia’s wine region and hosts several wineries itself. Byrd Cellars is a popular winery and vineyard that grows varietals of white and red wines while Elk Island Winery overlooks the James River and specializes in Norton, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon.