Quick Answer: How Do I Get The Best Price On AliExpress?

Can you negotiate price on aliexpress?

You don’t negotiate with AliExpress but with the companies that advertise their products over there.

AliExpress is just a platform like eBay, they don’t stock or sell products themselves.

Yes, Aliexpress is actually like eBay.

So haggling is not really something you can expect..

What is the cheapest thing on aliexpress?

Cheapest products from AliExpressGLOW IN DARK EARPHONES. These simple glow in dark earphones would probably cost $7-12 at stores. … STICKY PAD. Phones seem to stick to it like glue. … OTG ADAPTER. … CARD READER. … AUX CABLE. … LED WATCH BAND. … GARLIC GRINDER. … GARLIC SLICER.More items…•

How do I find a reliable seller on Aliexpress?

Number of Sales – The next important thing to do before buying on AliExpress is to check the number of people that had bought the product before. If there are lot of sales and the reviews, rating and comments are positive (4 or 5 stars), you can be pretty sure you are dealing with a trustworthy seller.

How do I buy from AliExpress wholesale?

How to Make Wholesale Orders on AliExpress. If bulk orders are available for the chosen product, you will find the “Bulk price” button in the drop-down menu under the price. Here you will learn the number of the same products that can be bought at a time and the discount for bulk orders.

Is AliExpress a wholesale supplier?

As many of you already know, AliExpress originated as a branch of Alibaba, the global leader in wholesale sales and purchases. … Both AliExpress and Alibaba have a wholesale service that connects sellers and buyers around the world. Alibaba has thousands of sellers / suppliers offering all kinds of products.