Quick Answer: Can Truecaller Show Wrong Last Seen?

What is the meaning of silent last seen in Truecaller?

Answer: For example, if you see a red dot next to that number it means that the person is busy, either on a call, in a meeting or has the phone on silent mode.

A green dot indicates that the person is free to talk.

You can also see the last time a user was active in the app through the ‘Last Seen’ status..

Why does my Truecaller show on a call when I am not actually?

Check who is calling even without using your phone’s data If you are not connected to the Internet, Truecaller may tell you that it requires a data connection to work properly. However, if it has identified the number once, the app will identify it whether or not you are connected to the Internet.

Does Truecaller show location?

Truecaller Truecaller is a free cell phone tracker by number. It is one of the greatest and well-known caller ID apps that is also capable of tracking caller locations. This is the most updated app on the play store. The app is capable of avoiding spam calls, spam SMS and even contact blocking.

Is Truecaller last seen accurate?

Yet unlike Whatsapp, true-caller’s last seen doesn’t actually indicate the last time your contacts have used the app, instead it shows the last time they used their devices. …

How does Truecaller know last seen?

Truecaller will indicate you as unavailable! When selecting a contact’s profile in Truecaller’s contact book, you will see a red or a green dot for when they were last seen. Also, Truecaller will indicate the sound mode of their phone. For example, if the phone is on silent, this will be displayed along with a red dot.

How can I hide my location on Truecaller?

You can even track down the scam calls.But what would you say when it comes to privacy?Step 1: Open your TrueCaller app.Step 2: Tap the people icon in the upper left corner.Step 3: Then click on setting.Step 4: From the drop-down menu click on ‘Privacy centre’.More items…•

Can someone know if I searched them on Truecaller?

Do make a note that you’ll not be notified if someone searches your number or name and does not click the detailed profile tab. If you click on the notification you receive, then you will be able to see the name or picture of the person who viewed your profile.

Is Truecaller dangerous?

Truecaller is not a malware, and all our features are permission based and are disabled by default.”

How can you tell if a number is busy without calling?

Dial 114. Follow the voice prompts. Dial the telephone number you want to verify. The computer will check if that line is busy on another call, and let you know.

How can I hide my last seen on Truecaller?

Here is how to hide last seen in Truecaller Open Truecaller and tap on the top-left Menu tab. Go to settings, then tap on the General tab. In the General settings tab you will see an ‘availability slider’ which is blue when active. Click on it to deactivate it.

How can I know who saved my number in Truecaller?

Install Truecaller on the phone of any of your friends, relatives, etc. who don’t have your number in their contact list yet. Then open the Truecaller app on their phone and search for your own number. If it is saved by anyone, it will show up as a code name.