Quick Answer: Can I Still Use Google On Huawei?

Can you use Google on Huawei?

On May 16, 2019, the US government placed Huawei on its Entity List.

This means that Google is prohibited from working with Huawei on new device models or providing Google’s apps including Gmail, Maps, YouTube, the Play Store and others for preload or download on these devices..

Which Huawei phone Cannot use Google?

Huawei P40 ProHuawei P40 Pro: Android phone without Google? No problem! For those of you like myself who managed to escape more important distractions last week, you might have noticed that Chinese consumer electronics giant Huawei released its P40 Pro flagship smartphone.

What does Huawei use instead of Google?

Rather than ditching Android completely, Huawei continues to use the open source core Android operating system on its devices. A perfect example is the Huawei P40 Pro, which launched in March 2020 and was impacted by the ban on Huawei devices.

How do I get Google Play store on my Huawei?

Download and Install Google Play Store on any Huawei and Honor deviceGo to the Huawei/Honor app drawer.Locate the Settings app and tap on it.Next, you need to select “Advanced Settings”.Tap on “Security” and then tap on “Enable Installation from Unknown Sources”.More items…

Does Huawei y6p 2020 have Google?

The smartphone comes with a triple-camera on the rear side that consists of 13 MP (wide) + 5 MP (ultrawide) + 2 MP (depth). … The smartphone is powered by Mediatek MT6762R Helio P22 octa-core and GPU is PowerVR GE8320. The phone runs on Android 10 + EMUI 10.1, no Google Play Services.

Will Huawei p40 have Google?

While all three P40 models will come with Google’s Android 10 operating system, skinned with Huawei’s EMUI 10.1 user interface, none of the three will come with Google Services, which means no access to Google Play Store. The Google ban, resulting from the US-China trade war, has been in place for some time now.

Does Huawei y6p have Google Play store?

While new Huawei phones and Honor phones don’t have Google apps installed, with the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and Honor 9X Pro both launching without them, it seems a new hack has been discovered which gets you the Google Play Store back.

Is Huawei better than Samsung?

Samsung has the sharper display, and bigger battery, but Huawei has much faster charging and more impressive camera capabilities. Samsung has the higher resolution screen, and it also has arguably the ultimate trump card: proper Android.

Why is Google banned from Huawei?

The reason is because Android was created as an open-source project, meaning it belongs to the public domain on the web, free and open for all to use. The ban placed by the US government only stops Huawei using the core part of Google’s Mobile Services.

Will Google apps stop working on Huawei?

Goodbye Google: The Huawei Google ban, explained This means that Huawei no longer would have access to the very fundamentals of Android smartphones. Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, and even the Google Play Store itself were now no longer available for Huawei to use on new products.

Do Huawei phones spy on you?

If you use a Huawei phone then it is tracking all kinds of things about you. And while it’s very unlikely the company is handing all this over to the Chinese government, it is possible. In the same vein, information collected from a Google Pixel phone could technically be handed over to the US government if required.

Is it OK to buy Huawei phone?

Officials are worried about the new chips and their impact on the UK’s network. But officials said today that although Huawei will be barred from using its technology in the UK’s 5G network, laptops and mobile phones made by the Chinese state-owned tech giant are still safe.

How do I download Google Play store on my Huawei?

Install Google Apps on your Huawei smartphoneDownload the Google Installer 3.0 APK (the latest version) from the official web on your computer.Go to the “Settings” on your mobile phone.Find the menu item “Security & Privacy” and select it.Taps “More Settings”.Enable “Download apps from external sources”.More items…•