Question: Who Was Randy’S Best Friend?

Who kills dally?

In this book, Dallas dies by being shot by a whole bunch of police officers.

He has robbed a grocery store and the police are chasing him.

He has a gun (which is probably not loaded) and he points it at the police.

At that point, they shoot him..

Is Randy a SOC?

Randy Adderson is Bob’s best friend; he is a fellow Soc. After Bob’s death, Randy stops Pony on the street and tells him that the fighting between the Socs and the greasers is pointless. Randy refuses to fight in the big rumble because “Greasers will still be greasers and Socs will still be Socs.”

Is Sandy a greaser?

Not much is known about Sandy, but she’s a greaser girl. Ponyboy thought she loved Sodapop with all her heart, but then Soda says she didn’t love him as much as he loved her, because he wanted to marry her pregnant or not, but she just left him.

What were Johnny’s last words ponyboy?

Right before he dies in the hospital, Johnny says “Stay gold, Ponyboy.” Ponyboy cannot figure out what Johnny means until he reads the note Johnny left. Johnny writes that “stay gold” is a reference to the Robert Frost poem Ponyboy shared when they were hiding at the church.

How old is 2bit?

Keith “Two-Bit” Mathews (spelled Matthews in the film credits) is eighteen and a half, and still a Junior in high school. and a supporting character in The Outsiders. He is the “oldest and the wisecracker of the bunch.” He’s the 2nd oldest, behind Darry (who’s 20), and is known for stealing.

Who is the toughest in the outsiders?

B DallyCharacters from The OutsidersABDallyThe toughest and the coldest of the Greasers. He’s been in gangs, and has been to jail.SodapopThe middle brother in Ponyboy’s family. Ponyboy feels closest to him.DarryPonyboy’s oldest brother. He’s serious and responsible.CherryA red-headed Soc who ends up helping the Greasers.6 more rows

Who was Randy’s best friend in the outsiders?

Robert SheldonRandy Adderson (called Randy Anderson in the film) is a Soc in The Outsiders, and a minor antagonist turned supporting tritagonist. His girlfriend is Marcia, and his best friend was Robert Sheldon, whom he met in grade school.

What is something that Randy admits to?

However, by the end of the book, Randy admits to Ponyboy that he: “..wouldn’t mind getting fined, but I feel lousy about the old man. And it’s the first time I’ve felt anything in a long time.”

Who is Randy adderson?

Randy Adderson Marcia’s boyfriend and Bob’s best friend. Randy is a handsome Soc who eventually sees the futility of fighting. Along with Cherry, Randy humanizes the Socs by showing that some of them have redeeming qualities. Randy helps Ponyboy realize that Socs are as susceptible to pain as anyone else.

Why does Randy leave town?

Expert Answers info He is deeply hurt by Bob’s death and states that he would not be taking part in the much awaited rumble. Instead, he planned to move away to a different place and start life anew.

Which Greaser is the toughest wildest and most dangerous?

DallyDally is considered one of the most notorious and dangerous greasers because of his past.

Who was Soda’s best friend?

Steve Randle Soda’sSteve Randle Soda’s best friend and fellow greaser. He is 17 and works at the gas station with Soda.