Question: What Is Rex Tillerson Doing Now?

What does Rex Tillerson do for a living?

EngineerBusinesspersonPoliticianOfficialRex W.


Who has been secretary of state under Trump?

Secretary of State is a Level I position in the Executive Schedule and thus earns the salary prescribed for that level (currently US$210,700). The current secretary of state is Mike Pompeo, who has served as Secretary of State in the administration of President Donald Trump since early 2018.

Who is trumps chief of staff?

In the administration of Donald Trump, the current chief of staff is Mark Meadows, who succeeded Mick Mulvaney on March 31, 2020.

What nationality is Pompeo?

AmericanMike Pompeo/NationalityOrange, California, U.S. Michael Richard Pompeo (/pɒmˈpeɪoʊ/; born December 30, 1963) is an American politician, diplomat, businessman, and attorney who, since April 2018, has been serving as 70th United States secretary of state.

Where is Rex Tillerson from?

Wichita Falls, Texas, United StatesRex W. Tillerson/Place of birth

What did Rex Tillerson say about Donald Trump?

In December 2018, President Trump called Tillerson “dumb as a rock” and “lazy as hell” after Tillerson held a speech where he described Trump as “pretty undisciplined”. Tillerson said Trump “doesn’t like to read, doesn’t read briefing reports, doesn’t like to get into the details of a lot of things”.

How old is Darren Woods?

Darren WoodsBorn1964/1965 (age 54–55) Wichita, Kansas, U.S.EducationTexas A&M University (BS) Northwestern University (MBA)OccupationChairman and CEO, Exxon MobilPredecessorRex W. Tillerson

Who owns Exxon Mobil?

ExxonMobilEssoMobil/Parent organizations

Why was Mulvaney replaced?

In February 2020, Mulvaney suggested that the media was exaggerating the dangers of the coronavirus in order to “bring down” President Trump. … Meadows began serving at the end of March, thus replacing Mulvaney.

What happened to John Bolton’s book?

The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir is a memoir by John Bolton, who served as National Security Advisor for U.S. President Donald Trump from April 2018 to September 2019. … [Trump] stressed the importance of farmers, and increased Chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat in the electoral outcome”.

Who is Rex Tillerson’s wife?

Renda St. Clairm. 1986Rex W. Tillerson/Wife

Who was the youngest chief of staff?

Blake Lanier Gottesman (born March 6, 1980) served as White House Deputy Chief of Staff to former U.S. President George W. Bush, becoming, at age 28, the youngest member of the Bush senior staff. He previously served in the Bush administration as personal aide and body man for the president from 2001 until 2006.

Did Sean Spicer serve in the military?

In 1999, Spicer joined the United States Navy Reserve as a public affairs officer; he currently holds the rank of commander.

Who is Trump’s secretary?

Tampa, Florida, U.S. Kayleigh McEnany (/ˈkeɪli ˈmækənæni/); born April 18, 1988) is an American political commentator, lawyer, and author who is the current White House press secretary.

Who is above the president?

The Senate has exceptionally high authority, sometimes higher than the President or the House of Representatives. The Senate can try cases of impeachment, which can dismiss a President for misconduct.