Question: What Does Arshia Mean?

Who is arshia?

Arshia Malik is a Delhi-based writer, blogger and social commentator with focus on women issues and conflicts in societies with a particular focus on South Asia.

She makes her living as a school teacher and is an avid collector of literature..

What is the meaning of arshia in Urdu?

Arshia name meaning in Urdu is “معزز٬عزت والی،آسمان پر رہنے والی ،فلک پر رہنے والی”. In English, Arshia name meaning is “Throne”.

What does ZYRE mean?

Blessing to the worldA user from New York, U.S. says the name Zyre means “Blessing to the world”.

How do you pronounce arshia?

Correct way to pronounce the number Venti in Italian is?vehnt-ee.veh-ntee.vehn-tee.