How Do You Unlock 2b Outfits?

How do you change from 9s to 2b?

They are 2B, 9S, and A2.

As you play through the game multiple times, the game will force you to switch between them during key points.

When this happens, there’s no way to freely switch back to another character until the game offers you the option again..

How many endings are there in NieR automata?

26 endingsNieR: Automata has a total of 26 endings and epilogues. The majority of them are silly joke endings that are not canon to the main story, while others offer a different perspective of the main story.

Who is Emil NieR?

Emil is an NPC in Nier: Automata. Resembles the companion character who accompanied the player in the NieR: Gestalt / NieR: Replicant, but may actually be a copy. He harbors latent magical power, but most of his memory is gone due to the long years that have passed/making so many copies of himself.

How do you play as 2b again?

Once you beat the game you will unlock a chapter select mode so you can go back and complete all the side quests and such, so you can obviously play 2B again.

Can you change your outfit in NieR automata?

Most RPGs these days allow you to dress up your characters in different outfits and clothing, and NieR: Automata does let you do that as well, to a small extent. To be clear, Automata certainly doesn’t have a super wide variety of outfits that you can choose from and change into as and when you want.

Is 9s in love with 2b?

To make things even more difficult, 9S is clearly in romantic love with 2B. … Platonic love, the kind you share with your friends, is often the most complicated sort of relationship. The foil of their relationship is still the fact that 2B has been ordered to kill 9S, and has done so many times over.

Why did 2b kill 9s?

Over the course of hundreds of operations, 2B was forced to kill 9S and wipe his memory countless times, an act that she came to hate for the pain it caused her after bonding with him over that time. (It is revealed in NieR: Orchestra Concert re:12018 that 2B killed 9S 48 times.)

What is 3c3c1d119440927?

3C3C1D119440927 is the first DLC pack for NieR:Automata. The content includes arena style gameplay with cosmetic item rewards as well as a small story detailing the events of a machine lifeform known as Plato 1728.

Why is 2b dressed like that?

So maybe 2B is dressed the way she is for more than just being eye candy for straight male gamers. Maybe she and the other YoRHa girls are dressed the way they are to ensure the trust of those pesky S models through human-like lookism.

How do you get an a2 outfit?

1 Answer. To get 2B and A2’s outfits, you need to do more in their respective Colosseums than you had to for 9S’s costume, which only required you to beat the first trial. To get the Revealing Outfit for 2B, you need to win the rank S challenge in the Flooded City Arena.

Does 2b know the truth?

She didn’t know, but there were no automated triggers or memory wipes involved either. Every time she was just given orders by the Commander through standard communication means – she was never told why she was supposed to kill him, just that it’s the time to do this because he learned something he shouldn’t.

How do I get rid of a 2b skirt?

This is done by pressing and holding down the L3 and R3 buttons on the left and right analog sticks, as indicated in the image below. In the game, proceed to activate 2B’s self destruct sequence. A timer will count down until she blows herself up. Once she falls down and presumably dies, her lower skirt will blow off.

Is NieR Automata open world?

It’s open world but no where the scope or size of Horizon. There are big areas to explore with a dungeon at the end of each area.

How do I use NieR DLC?

Before you can access the DLC, you need to progress in the story. The exact points for each character hasn’t been revealed, but anyone who has finished all three stories can access it by selecting a late point in the story and those playing 9S gain access to it around the time you’re told to investigate the alien ship.

Does 2b die in NieR automata?

2B dies a lot. … While she’s more than willing to blow herself up to off a couple of red-eyed robots at the beginning of Automata, she seems disturbed by the fact that her companion, 9S, has to explode along with her, only his death comes before his most recent memories can be uploaded.

How old are 2b and 9s?

2B is early 20. Already close to adult age, but doesn’t want to be called as old (9S called her m’am). 9S is middle school, so maybe around 14.

When can I play as 9s?

Playing as 9S – second playthrough On your second playthrough of Nier Automata, you can control 9S during the events of 2B’s story.

Who is a2?

2 or A2 serves as the protagonist of Branch C in NieR:Automata, as well as the final boss in Branch D. She is also a major character in the YoRHa Stage Play. She is a prototype of the YoRHa android line, and combat data from her and her comrades was used to create the superior current lines, including 2B and 9S.