How Do I Unsubscribe From Jawwy TV?

How do I activate my Jawwy TV?

Through website: jawwy.tvJust enter your mobile number here.Create password for your account.Select your payment method and click Next.We will send you a PIN code to confirm your registration.Then enter the PIN code we sent to your mobile number and click Confirm..

What is Jawwy?

Jawwy is a new mobile plan from STC. It’s digital-first, works off an app, and customers can personalise, monitor and manage their plan in real time. … Finally, we’ve simplified pricing and offers, minimising waste and maximising value for our customers.

How do you use a Jawwy?

Click here to go to activation page directly. Fill the box with your jawwy number and the IMEI for your device. and you can find your IMEI by dialling *#06#….Activation through Jawwy app,Turn off your Wi-Fi and use Jawwy data. … Download Jawwy app from play store.Login with your account on the app.

How do I get unlimited WiFi on Jawwy?

However, some Android devices might require a one-time set-up as explained below:Switch on your Wi-Fi.Select “STCwifi”.Click on the drop-down menu showing “PEAP”.Select “SIM”.Choose “Jawwy”.Click “Connect”.Use Data.Check “Wi-Fi Pass” usage from Jawwy app.

How do you get a Jawwy SIM?

Ours is a simple four-step process so you can buy your SIM easily as following:Click here to visit our online Shop and add your preferred SIM to the cart (Make sure to choose either Normal SIM or eSIM).Proceed to checkout and register your account or log in or even proceed as a “Guest” to place your order.More items…

How many live TV channels does Jawwy TV?

240 channelsAll the product specifications, combined with over 240 channels, makes Jawwy TV the perfect IPTV/OTT solution.

How do I contact Jawwy customer service?

To contact us by using Jawwy’s App please follow:Launch your Jawwy App.Click on “More” tab.Scroll down to “Help & Support” section.Click on “Support Website”.Or you can initiate a direct chat by clicking “Chat Support”.

How do I activate my Jawwy Internet package?

To activate the SIM kindly follow the bellow steps: 1- Call 123 and tell us if you can hear Jawwy voice response. 2- Kindly turn on the data and turn off the WiFi, then try to search for anything on google to check if the data is working or not.

How do I check my Jawwy data?

You can check your Balance by using your jawwy app or sign in your account on jawwy website. Best regards. You can check your balance and usage from our website or Jawwy app at “My Plans”.

Which Sim is best for Internet in Saudi Arabia?

STC. STC is the largest provider in Saudi Arabia, and it offers the best network coverage and Internet speeds.

How do you recharge Jawwy data?

Just tap “Recharge” in the app, select “Sawa voucher” and then enter the code from your recharge card/voucher and click “Confirm”. ***You can also recharge by dialing *155*recharge card number#, then press ‘call’.

What are the features of Jawwy app?

FeaturesTop Live TV Channels. Top TV channels are all available in one place.Non-Stop Entertainment. More than 10000+ diverse content and new additions everyday.7 days Free Trial. … Multiple Devices. … Rewind TV. … Cancel Anytime. … Uninterrupted viewing experience. … Parental Control.More items…